GPS Synchronized Smart Data Logger


Caltech India offers GPS Synchronized Smart Data Logger.

Models: EPT/SMA-4000


Sophisticated GPS Synchronized Data logger equipped with GPS Engine that can accurately measure synchronizing 100 ms after the Rectifier ON and OFF potential. Each reading stamped with GPS coordinates, number of readings and UTC time. By using this information and its graph, the operator will be able to monitor the GPS Synchronization of the rectifier’s interruption, Monitoring Pipeline to soil Potential, GPS Coordinates, stray and telluric correction.


  • Large 240 X 64 Graphics Color LCD Display and 28 tactile keys Keypad
  • Sampling 1– 30 seconds in GPS Sync mode and 1- 64000 seconds in local logging mode
  • 12 Satellite GPS Engine visible all around the world. WASS enabled, UTC time option
  • 2GB flash Memory, and ability to download information, to computer by EP-TECH computer software
  • EP-TECH Graph software and ability to work, analyze the information or export to EXCEL
  • Ability to work with any other interrupter that use the NACE standard Interruption logic
  • High input impedance (2000 Mega ohm)
  • Internal independent clock with option to select UTC or local time.
  • No interruption, High and Low, and GPS Synchronized logging mode option
  • Data logger with 4 independent channels equipped with active filters
  • Rugged Pelican Case
  • GPS engine, CuCuSo4 electrode, Nickel Metal Hydride, Battery charger, cables and manual instruction

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