Solid State Polarization Cell


Caltech India offers Solid-State Polarization Cell PPC1 and PPC2 Models.

PPC1 and PPC2 models

Caltech Engineering Services- India introduces, Pa-El’s Solid state polarization cell is semiconductor cell used for short-term current peaks and over voltage drainage. It is also used for synchronization of cathodic protection system with lightning strike protection demands for gas reduction station, measuring reduction station, blockade station etc.

There are two types of solid-state polarization cells; PPC1 for 35A/40kA current and PPC2 for 100A/40kA current.



Case Box 165x255x80mm
Mass 2.27Kg


Case Box 200x250x183mm
Mass 6.33Kg

Technical Data:


long-term current(AC/DC) 35A
lightning surge current 40kA(8/20S)
short-term fault current(AC) 90A/0,5s
voltage blocking level (DC)  -3/+1V,-2/+2 V or according to customer
working temperature -40°C to +60°C


long-term current(AC/DC) 100A
lightning surge current 40kA(8/20S)
short-term fault current(AC) 700A/0,5s
voltage blocking level (DC) -3/+1V,-2/+2 V or according to customer
working temperature -40°C to +60°C

It is possible to install current and voltage measuring sensor switch characteristics as follows:


current sensors(shunt) 60mV/40A
voltage sensor -10V,+10V


current sensors(shunt) 60mV/100A
voltage sensor -10V,+10V

Voltage and current signals are available on DB9 standard connector.

Adjustment and Repair:

Validity check is performed once a year. Validity check is performed by:

  • visual inspection
  • blocking voltage check in both direction
  • measuring point cable check
  • grounding resistance measurement
  • AC/DC potential on pipeline and grounding measurement
  • AC/DC current measurement.

PPC is a one-time product and adjustment is not possible. Breakdown voltage is mostly occurred as short-circuit, rarely as a total disconnection between positive and negative pole. If break down detected it is necessary to replace cell with new one.

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