Digital Pull-Off Adhesion Gauge

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Caltech India offers Digital Pull-Off Adhesion Gauge BGD-500S. Digital Pull-Off Adhesion Tester BGD-500S is a portable, hand-operated hydraulic instrument which is used to measure the force required to verify adhesive of ceramic tiles, epoxy coating away from its substrate using hydraulic pressure. This has dolly of 50 mm x 50 mm cross-sectional area. The pressure is displayed on a digital LCD and represents the coating’s strength of adhesion to the substrate. Pull-Off Adhesion Tester is a easy to operate and fully portable, provides a test results values for adhesion. Using Square Dolly is also called as Tile Conversion Kit. Pull off Adhesion Tester has direct pull tensile force test and with suitable capacity and sensitivity for the test. This is capable of applying the load to the pull-head plate through a suitable fitting that does not exert any bending force.

Digital Pull-Off Adhesion Tester - BGD 500S

High precision digital pull-off type measuring instruments for adhesion and bond strength testing of all types of films, coatings, laminates, adhesives, metals plastic coatings, concrete coats, and mortars and plasters and other materials. The self-adjusting feature results in extremely accurate and reproducible adhesion test results. The test is performed by securing a self-aligning quick coupling (dolly) perpendicular to the surface of the coating with an adhesive. After the adhesive is cured, a testing apparatus is attached to the loading fixture and aligned to apply tension perpendicular to the test surface. Pull-Off Adhesion Tester BGD 500S conforms to international standards including BS EN 12004-2, ASTM D4541/D7234, ISO 4624/16276-1, AS/NZS 1580.408.5 and others.

Main Technical Parameters:

  • Dolly Size: 20mm (Standard); 10mm、14mm、50mm, 50mm Sqaure
  • Resolution: 0.01MPa (1psi)
  • Accuracy: ±1% Full scale
  • Max. Pull-off Pressure: Φ10mm dolly → 0-80 MPa;Φ14mm dolly → 0-40 MPa;
    Φ20mm dolly → 0-20 MPa;Φ50mm dolly → 0-3.5 MPa;
  • Power: Built-in rechargeable lithium battery, and standard configuration charging adapter.
  • Adhesion Tester Size: 360mm×75mm×115mm (L x W x H)
  • Adhesion Tester Weight: 3Kgs

Ordering Information:

Digital Pull-Off Adhesion Gauge
BGD 500S Digital Adhesion Tester for Adhesive Tile
BGD 1528 50mm Square Dolly (5 pcs/package)
BGD 1526 Cutting Tool
BGD 1527 3M Adhesive

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