YG60 60° Precise Gloss Meter

Synonym : Glossometer, Single Angle Glossmeter


Caltech India offers YG60 60° Precise Gloss Meter. Gloss is an important aspect of our visual perception of objects. The perception of gloss can relate to a product’s finish, texture and how a sample is illuminated and viewed. Surfaces with high reflectance are perceived as glossy, shiny or lustrous, whilst less reflective surfaces are perceived as semi-gloss or matt. Gloss can be measured by several different techniques. One of them is by using an optical instrument called a gloss meter. A glossmeter provides quantifiable gloss measurements, expressed as gloss units (GU).

YG series gloss meter is independently developed with intellectual property, manufactured according to international standard ISO2813 and China standard GB/T 9754. With auto-calibration and high-end QC software, it can meet the first grade requirements of JJG696.

YG60 60° Precise Gloss Meter test material with gloss (0-1000Gu), and universally apply to paint, ink, stoving varnish, coating, wood products; marble, granite, vitrified polished tile, pottery brick and porcelain; plastic, paper; hardware industries, etc. for gloss measurement and gloss data transmission.

Product Features:

1. Elegant Design combined with aesthetics and ergonomics;

2. With auto-calibration function;

3. Meet the first grade requirements of JJG696;

4. Large storage to save over 35000 data;

5. Auto Power-off within optional 30-120 seconds;

6. Comply to ISO2813,ASTM523, GB/T9754;

7. With PC software for quality report, more extend functions;

8. With multi working modes and multi-functions for most customers’ requirements.


The gloss meter is used in many industries from paper mills to automotive and are used by the producer and the user alike.

Examples include:

Paints & Coatings, Powder Coatings, Additives, Inks, Plastics, Paints, Coating, Plastics, Ink, Rubber, Printing, Paper, Glass, Handware, Ceramic, Marble, Wood Coatings, Polishes And Flooring, Yacht Manufacture, Automotive Manufacture And Re-Finis, Aerospace, Polished Stone And Metals, Consumer Electronics, Anodized Metals

Ordering Information:

Caltech Engineering Services offer a comprehensive range of single, dual & triple angle glossmeters and DOI meters, which provide Gloss, % Reflectance and Haze measurements on a wide range of surfaces.

The YG Series Gloss Meter is available as either a simple entry level 60° gloss meter or state of the art Single, Dual or Triple Angle Glossmeter with % Reflectance and Haze measurement capability.

YG Series Specification Parameter
Model YG60S 60° Economic Gloss Meter YG60 60° Accurate Gloss Meter YG268 Tri-angle Gloss Meter
Measuring Angle 60° 60° 20° 60°85°
Measuring Range 60°: 0-200GU 60°: 0-1000GU 20°: 0-2000GU
60°: 0-1000GU
85°: 0-160GU
Measuring Area 60°: 9x15mm 20°: 9×10mm, 60°: 9x15mm, 85°: 5×38mm
Division Value 1GU 0.1GU
Measuring Modes Basic mode Basic mode; Statistic mode; Continuous mode; QC mode
Measuring Time 0.5S
Repeatability 0~100GU : ±0.5GU;
100~2000GU : ±0.5%GU
0~100GU : ±0.2GU;
100~2000GU : ±0.2%GU
0~100GU : ±0.2GU;
100~2000GU : ±0.2%GU
Accurate Conform with
JJG696 second grade requirements of gloss meter
Conform with
JJG696 first grade
requirements of gloss meter
Auto Power-off Time 30s Within 30s-120s
Long-time Calibration / Automatically check and made the calibration
Language Chinese & English
Storage / 35000(Basic mode &Statistic mode : 1500;
Continuous mode : 10000; QC mode: 10000)
Display 2.3 inch white and black screen
Size 160*52*84mm
Weight About 300g
Power Supply 1pc dry-cell battery(can measure 10000 times) or use USB Charge
Interface USB USB & Bluetooth 2.1 version
PC Software / GQC6 QC software can printing testing report and with more extended functions
Operation Temperature Range 0-40℃(32-104° F)
Storage Temperature Range -20-50℃(-4-122° F)
Humidity Range < 85% RH, without condensation
Standard Accessories User manual, calibration plate USB cable, user manual, calibration plate, QC software
Optional Accessories Miniature printer
Notification: the technical parameter is only for reference

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