Automatic Film Applicator

Synonym : Automatic Drawdown Machine, Motorised Film Applicator, Film Applicator, Thin Film Applicator


Caltech India offers Automatic Film Applicator. It enables experimental chemists to conveniently draw down precise coating film on the different substrates so as to reduce and eliminate errors caused by manual factors. Factors affecting the draw down are the shear rate and downward force applied to the applicator tool. The Motorised Film Applicator sucks test paper smoothly on the vacuum bed. It greatly improves the reproducibility of paint film.

Main Technical Parameters:

  • Adjustable variable speed: 2~100mm/s
  • High precisionlinear guide bar and direct current motor without carbon brush. Making the draw down speed more stable.
  • Reasonable design bracket, easily and simply operated, and can add any load.
  • Special precise machining vacuum suction-gas plate with high smooth precision and high hardness-for better repeatability
  • Can set the starting point freely, is suitable for different size substrates
  • Four types application distance can be selected freely.
  • Applicable to all Biugeds different type and size applicators and wire bars
  • External vacuum pump eliminate all shake coming from traditional structure (put pump into machine)

Ordering Information:

Automatic Film Applicator / Motorised Film Applicator

Ordering Information →
Technical Parameters ↓
BGD 218/1 BGD 218/2
Draw down vacuum bed size 360 mm x 250 mm 490 x 250mm
Draw down vacuum bed size with hole 285 mm x 205mm 420 x 190mm
Max. application length 250mm 375mm
Draw down speed 2~100mm/s (adjustable variable speed)
Carriage holder weight 1.5KG (2KG or 2.5KG is optional)
Total Power 370W
Power Source 220V; 50Hz
Weight 40KG 46KG
Overall Size (No vacuum pump) (LxWxH) 500 x 345 x 340mm 635 x 345 x 340mm

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Operating Video:

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