Paint Inspection Gauge

Synonym : Paint Inspection Gauge, P.I.G., Paint Gauge, Paint Mil Gauge, paint thickness measurement, destructive paint inspection gauge


Paint Inspection Gauge provides a useful method for determining the paint thickness of both single and multiple layer coatings. The Paint Inspection Gauge (P.I.G) is ideal for use on metallic & non-metallic substrates such as wood, glass and plastics

BGD 548 is a Paint Inspection Gauge which is suitable for use wherever conventional electro-magnetic measuring techniques are ineffective, namely for coatings on wood, concrete, plastics and other non-metallic substrates.

Testing with the BGD 548 is based on the standardized wedge cut procedure: The coating is cut through at a defined angle in such a way that the cut penetrates the substrate. The layer thickness (s) is calculated on the basis of the slope projection (b) of the cut face, determined using a measuring microscope, and the cutting angle (α),Similarly, the individual layer thickness of multilayer systems can be ascertained.

The BGD 548 consists of a black painted aluminium block which accommodates the following functional elements:

  • Exchangeable carbide tip with precision-ground angular cutting blade (come with 4 cutters)
    No.1 Cutter: Measuring range: 20-2,800μm(Factor: 20 μm)
    No.2 Cutter: Measuring range: 10-1,400μm(Factor: 10 μm)
    No.3 Cutter: Measuring range: 5-700μm(Factor: 5 μm)
    No.4 Cutter: Measuring range: 2-280μm(Factor: 2μm)
  • Measuring microscope with a magnification of 50 and a reticle(2mm with 1/140 division), which is also suitable for inspection tasks.
  • Two pairs of support pins to hold the measuring microscope securely and gudie the carbide tip.
  • Battery compartment for 1.5 V battery block.
  • Combination of LED and fibre-optic light guide for optimum specimen illumination at low current consumption.
  • It complies with ASTM D4138, AS 1580 Meth 408.1

Main Technical Parameters:

  • Measuring range (standard):2~2,800μm
  • Power supply: 1 pc 1.5V battery
  • Overall Size:110×85×25mm
  • Weight: 0.5 KG

Ordering Information:

BGD 548 Paint Inspection Gauge

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