Electron Ink Viscometer


Caltech India offers Electron Ink Viscometer. The Electron printing ink viscometer is used to detect the ink viscosity values, also may examine the coherent increment and the printing ink files the ink situation, at the same time with digital printing and ink curves of fig.

Main Technical Parameters:

  • Copper roller main axle rotation:
    1 grade of 400 revolution/minute;
    2 grade of 800 revolution/minute;
    3 grade of 1,200 revolution/minute;
    4 grade of 1,600 revolution/minute
  • Clean switch low speed 150 revolution/minute
  • Supply voltage:220V
  • Electrical total output:1500W(Among: electrical machinery 500 W, water tank 1,000W)
  • Water pump current capacity:≥10L/min
  • Constant temperature water tank capacity:8L
  • Constant temperature water tank form dimension:335×196×435mm
  • Instrument form dimension:870×480×400mm
  • Instruments gross weight:132KG
  • Main journal brass roller after work table leveling horizontal error:≤0.03 millimeters
  • Constant temperature water tank adjust the warm error:≤0.5℃
  • Display show value:0.1 printing ink coherent unit
  • At same test condition similarly hereinafter machine repetition measurement error:≤±0.5 printing ink coherent unit
  • Noise:≤60 decibels

Ordering Information:

BGD 614 Electron Printing Ink Viscometer

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