Emulsification Tester


Caltech India offers Emulsification Tester. It is designed according with the importing similar products and the demands of some inland scientific research institutions.

It can test the water demand of hectograph ink and its binder. It has such advantages as reasonable design, steady working, accurate measurement, high reliability and easy operation.

It has three types according with the difference of revolution and agitating volume.

Main Technical Parameters:

Ordering Information BGD 674/1 BGD 674/2 BGD 674/3
Power Supply 220V 50HZ
Power 80W
Stirring Rotating Speed 100±5r/min 0~180r/min Digital、step-less speed control
Container Rotating Speed 4.5±1r/min
Container Volume Single tank 750mL Double tanks 2×750ml
Range of setting value 1~999900r
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