Intelligent Karl Fischer Titration Tester


Caltech India offers Intelligent Karl Fischer Titration Tester. Based on Karl-Fischer principle, this instrument is the latest water titrimetry designed by newest mechanical-electronic technology with human interface. It is also features high precision, simple operation and usage. This instrument can determine crystal water, adsorbent water, dissociative water is gas, liquid, solid samples. It is applicable in many fields as petroleum, chemistry, pharmacy, foodstuff, agriculture, labs and others.

Main Technical Parameters:

  • Extra colorful LCD screen, Chinese or English menu
  • Dynamic online guidance, simply windows-style operation
  • All results are shown in one screen, including water content, water percentage, ppm content, reagent consumption, Dynamic color titration curve display, automatic saving titration results.
  • Automatic subtract floating water, automatic track of environment floating water, to secure exact final results.
  • Stepless-speed mixing PWM, select from menu.
  • Whole system is sealed, preventing escaping of poisonous gas. automatic reagent change, automatic discharge waste water.
  • On-line parameters shown of instrument status, metric pump output, instant time shown,3-way valve status shown, drafting volume, and other parameters shown.
  • Testing Scope:0.01%-100%
  • Solution:0.01ml
  • System error:≤2%
  • Terminal Resistance:500、1.5k、2k
  • Terminal Time-lapse:10-300s adjustable

Ordering Information:

BGD 233 Intelligent Karl Fischer Titration Tester

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