Holiday Detector – External Spring Electrodes

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Caltech India offers Holiday Detector – External Spring Electrodes. A range of rolling spring electrodes catering for virtually all pipe work diameters can be supplied along with or as spare for holiday detectors. Simple connection allows spring to be easily fitted around pipe work. The connector assembly can be screws into the high voltage probe handle of holiday detector.. The rolling spring can be easily moved along the pipe work ensuring that the pipe coating is comprehensively tested for holidays. Holiday detector’s external spring electrodes are essential tool for pipeline contractors during installation of coated pipelines. External spring electrodes are also called rolling rings. We also provide internal conductive electrodes for inspection of thin coating inside the pipe.

For large pipe diameters the additional pusher assembly, Please contact us.

Ordering Information for Holiday Detector External Spring Electrodes:

  • SA402 – 2 inch / 51mm diameter rolling spring
  • SA403 – 3 inch / 76mm diameter rolling spring
  • SA404 – 4 inch / 102mm diameter rolling spring
  • SA406 – 6 inch / 152mm diameter rolling spring
  • SA408 – 8 inch / 203mm diameter rolling spring
  • SA410 – 10 inch / 254mm diameter rolling spring
  • SA412 – 12 inch / 305mm diameter rolling spring
  • SA414 – 14 inch / 356mm diameter rolling spring
  • SA416 – 16 inch / 406mm diameter rolling spring
  • SA418 – 18 inch / 457mm diameter rolling spring
  • SA420 – 20 inch / 508mm diameter rolling spring
  • SA424 – 24 inch / 610mm diameter rolling spring
  • SA430 – 30 inch / 762mm diameter rolling spring
  • SA436 – 36 inch / 914mm diameter rolling spring
  • SA490 – Rolling Spring Connector Assembly
  • SA491 – Rolling Spring Pusher Assembly

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