Holiday Detector HD-830

Synonym : High Voltage Holiday Detectors


Caltech India manufacture and supply High Voltage Holiday Detector. Holiday detector is used to test and detect pinholes, porosity or flaws in insulated coatings on conductive substrates where coating have to provide an effective safeguard against corrosion. Holiday detector is portable quality control inspection instrument is used to electrically locate and fault find in defects of protective coatings. It is essential that any pinhole, porosity or flaws which will eventually lead to corrosion are detected at the earliest possible stage, preferably immediately after the coating application. Holiday detector is suitable for all types of coatings like fusion bonded epoxy, coal tar epoxy, paints, polyester, polyurethane, pipeline tapes, heat shrinks and asphalt.

Holiday Tester is versatile unit can be used to inspect protective coatings applied to pipelines, tanks, pilings, fire lines or buried pipelines of conductive surface.

Holiday Detector also known as porosity detector or Holiday Tester. A test voltage is applied to the coated pipeline by moving a brush probe across the surface and where there is either a pinhole or flaw the voltage will spark through the coating at the flawed location a red flashing indicator will flash and an audible alarm will sound the detected flaw can now be marked for subsequent repair and testing resumed for the remaining surface area, if no flaws are detected the test will therefore be non-destructive.

The value of the test voltage is achieved by the dielectric or voltage strength of the coating thickness. Holiday detector is used as per AS 3894.1, ASTM D4787, ASTM G 62, ASTM D5162, BS 1344-11, ISO 2746, NACE RP0274, NACE RP0490, NACE RP0188-88 standards.

Calibration certificates are available with traceability to NIST / accrediated labs in India

Holiday detector has accurate voltage setting is achieved by adjusting a knob to desire voltage is displayed on a digital display with accuracy of ± 1% or in the step of 2KV.

Holiday Detector has built in automatic fault detection feature installed which ensures that are detected at any voltage setting. The Instrument has low voltage battery indication for safeguard the batteries and ensures desired voltage all the time.

The holiday detector instrument is lightweight and overall weight with handle is approx 1.6 kg the test voltage is of low power and does not damage or cause burn marks on the coating.

When the using holiday detector, there are a number of important safety features in-build to test voltage with high impedance and drops to zero when a fault is detected, earth cable is lockable to prevent accidental disconnection. There is a probe discharge path incorporated to prevent any static charge being maintained will allow coatings on concrete as well as steel and iron substrates to be tested.

In view of the many different holiday testing applications there is an extensive range of accessories available including circular brushes for pipe work internal, rolling springs for pipe work externals, broad brushes to allow for quicker measurement of large surface areas and insulated extension rods.

The holiday detector instrument is supplied in a carrying case complete with high voltage probe handle, conductive rubber brush, neck strap, earth cable and batteries fitted are now available in India.

Holiday detector are also supplied with wired brushes and external rolling spring electrodes are supplied as per requirements.

Caltech India also supply high voltage measuring device generally called as Jeep Meter, PRM Meter or Jeep Tester to verify voltage of holiday detectors.

Ordering Information:

Holiday Detectors

Holiday Detector HD-05 0.1KV to 5KV. Resolution 0.01KV
Holiday Detector HD-10 0.1KV to 10KV. Resolution 0.01KV
Holiday Detector HD-830 8KV to 30KV. Resolution 2 KV
Pinhole Detector PD-990 9 / 67.5 / 90 Volts
Jeep Meter JM-140 Jeep Tester (0-40KV Pulse / 0-5KV DC)

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