Swedish Standard Rust Grade Booklet


Caltech India offers Inspection Manual – Swedish Standard Rust Grade Booklet. The Swedish Standard ISO 8501-1 specifies a series of rust grades and preparation grades of steel surfaces before painting.

The various grades are defined by written descriptions together with photographs in this rust grade book or Swedish Standard ISO 8501-1.

Rust grade book or Swedish Standard ISO 8501-1 contains four photographs relate specifically to rust grades. High quality cooler pictures of the different blast cleaned surface grades of Sa1, Sa2, Sa2.5, Sa4. together with detailed descriptions.

Will give the visual assessment of rust grade of mill scale and rust that is normally found on surfaces of uncoated erected steel and steel held in stock.

Rust grade book or Swedish Standard ISO 8501-1 Identifies degrees of visual cleanliness after surface preparation of uncoated steel surfaces and also after the removal of any coating.

The Rust grade book or Swedish Standard Rust Grade Booklet has translations of English, French, Russian, Swedish Inspection Manuals.

The Rust grade book or Swedish Standard ISO 8501-1 has levels of visual cleanliness are related to the common methods of surface cleaning that are used prior to painting. NOTE Twenty-four of the photographs originated from the Swedish standard SIS 055900-1967, Pictorial surface preparation standards for painting steel surfaces.

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Inspection Manuals
U1005 Fitz’s Atlas Inspection Manual of coating defects
U1007 Swedish Standard ISO 8501-1, SIS 055900 Standard Booklet, Rust Grade Book

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