Corrosion Pit Gauge


Caltech India offers Corrosion Pit Gauge. It will allow the peak to valley height of corroded surface in the corroded surface. Corrosion Pit Gauge can be used on most of the surfaces for determination of pit in corroded surfaces, corrosion coupons, corroded pipes, plant equipments. Measurement can be carried accurately to the level of micron.

The gauge is initially set to zero with the glass zero plate and the foot is then placed on the corroded profile. The foot sits on top of the peaks and the sharp stylus travels to the bottom of the valley, allowing the gauge to display the peak to valley height. A number of measurement can be made and the average taken.

The corrosion pit gauge is used to measure the effects of corrosion i.e. pitting and cavity depth etc.

Digital Corrosion Pit Gauge can be used with measurement resolution of 1 micron and precision measurements are possible even at critical locations.

The instrument is supplied with calibration certificate traceable to National Standards as per ISO 9001:2000 norms.

It is highly recommended for laboratories, testing & inspection for pitting corrosion, weld undercut, pipeline, painting contractors, cavity measurements and evaluations.

Supplied in carrying case with glass plate for zero setting and battery fitted.

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Ordering Information:

Corrosion Pit Gauge
CPG1020 Digital Corrosion Pit Gauge (Range: 0-3mm Res. 0.001mm)
CPG1021 Digital Corrosion Pit Gauge (Range: 0-5mm Res. 0.001mm)

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