Digital Pit Gauge with Arm


Caltech India offer best digital pit gauge with arm. A pocket size digital pit gauge fitted with battery is ready to use for accurate measurements of pits on corroded surface of constructed pipes, structures at onshore and offshore installations and welding inspection of pipelines. Digital pit gauge is designed for direct measurement on pipe / plate flat surfaces to 6” base support. The foot sits on top of the peaks and the sharp stylus travels to the bottom of the valley, allowing the gauge to display the peak to valley height. Number of measurement can be made at different locations to get maximum depth of pit.

It is easy to use and provides fast and accurate measurements of surface pits, dents, undercuts, and corrosion study, evaluations etc. Digital Pit Gauge is easy-to-use and provides fast and accurate measurements of surface pits, gauges, dents, undercut, etc. Digital Pit Gauge has 0.0050″ (0.10 mm) diameter sharp needle probe will access even the smallest pits.


  • Calibrated gauge with high accuracy
  • Available with full scale readings of 0-10mm or 0-3/8″ movement
  • Easy readings in mm or inches with one button selection
  • High stability ensuring long life
  • On/ Off in one button
  • Zero (Set “ 0” at any position)
  • Simple extension arm installation
  • Lightweight

Ordering Information:

R10210A Digital Pit Gauge Range (0-10mm / least count 1 µm) with 6” arm

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