Holiday Detector – Model APS


Tinker & Rasor introduces the Model APS high voltage holiday detector. The Model APS is the product of more than three years of development and two years of testing in the field. The instrument represents the latest in electronics in the industry, with a new design and numerous improvements.

This pulsating DC holiday detector with and an voltage has a range of 800 volts to 35,000 volts, giving complete coverage for coating regulated specifications. The instrument has been ergonomically designed with an angled handle open grip design that takes into account different hand and glove sizes.


  • 800 volts to 35,000 volts in one instrument
  • Safety feature for increased jobsite safety
  • Digital voltmeter display
  • LED Holiday Indicator – Easily seen in bright daylight
  • Volume controls for noisy environments
  • Regulated voltage
  • Large push button controls
  • Greater battery efficiency

Compatible with Model AP/S1 & AP/S2 components and accesories

Of the new features, one of the most important is the patent pending safety switch. This trigger to system provides greater jobsite safety for both the operator and nearby personnel and is very easy use. Simply release the trigger, and the instrument instantly turns off.

The handle must be held down on the grip to operate the instrument, and the unit is shut down immediately when the handle is released.
This feature will increase jobsite safety as an instrument cannot be left energized while unattended.

After setting the voltage, the instrument remembers the setting and the range, so the instrument can be turned on and off as much as necessary without requiring further adjustments.

The instrument is controlled by an electronics package contained within the water impenetrable cover of the instrument. All control switches are push button operations, with large operational areas, easy to manipulate while wearing gloves. Controls include On, Low and High voltage ranges, LCD voltmeter display, the voltage setting switch, Loud and Louder volume controls and the wand handle release button.

Just below the LCD voltmeter display is the visual alert for holiday indications. This alert is made of a cluster of “super bright” LEDs that are easily seen in bright daylight conditions.

The voltage selection switch is located just above the LCD voltmeter display and is sealed from weather and dust by a screw cap. Using the supplied screwdriver, the dust cap is removed and voltages are set by turning the voltage selector as shown in the graphics. On the Low voltage range, select between 800 volts and 8,000 volts. On the High voltage range, select between 3,500 volts and 35,000 volts.

The LCD voltmeter display shows voltages in kilovolts (kV). So, a voltage setting of 800 volts would be displayed as 0.8 and a voltage selection of 35,000 volts would be shown as 35.0. The audible alert speaker is located in the middle of the top of the instrument. The Loud setting is recommended for normal operations, where ambient noise levels are normal. For louder areas, where ear protection may be required, the Louder volume setting may be used.

The Model APS comes complete in kit form, including:

  • Model APS instrument and battery
  • Spare battery
  • Battery holder (batt box)
  • Ground cable, 20′
  • Wand handle, 18″, with full circle spring electrode connector (Compax conn.)
  • 4″ Rubber inspection paddle
  • Battery charger, 110v A/C (220v A/C available)
  • Screwdriver
  • Carrying case (NEW!)
  • Instruction manual
  • Certificate of Calibration
  • And your choice of electrode*


Electrode choice is made from the the Full Circle Spring Electrodes, 2″ to 36″ pipe diameters, or the Half Circle Spring Electrodes, 2″ to 8″ pipe diameters or the Silicone-Rubber brush electrodes, 2″ to 8″ widths. You may choose one electrode per instrument, within the size ranges listed.

The new carrying case (on Left) is included with the Model APS as well as our other high voltage holiday detectors, Models AP and AP/W.

The new carrying case is made of lighter resin materials and is weather and dust sealed. The custom foam inserts keeps the instrument and all components safe and secure during shipping and handling.

The inline wheels and padded handles make for easy mobility, and its streamlined size makes it easy for storage on the truck or in the shop. The latches are strong but easy to open, with a push button lock on each. The case has molded lock catches for your own padlock or other locking mechanism.

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