AC Corrosion Coupon


Caltech India offers AC Corrosion Coupon suitable for Cathodic Protection Coupons pipelines.

These AC Corrosion Coupons are ideal for AC corrosion monitoring (monitoring induced AC current on a cathodically protected pipeline).

It has twin cables with # 12 AWG (4mm2) stranded copper wire and specially made insulation.

Recent pipelines buried in close proximity to high voltage overhead power lines have the potential to pick-up AC current, causing both a public safety risk due to electric shock, and a corrosion risk due to AC corrosion.

We have developed a class-leading AC Coupon, which allows pipeline operators to monitor induced AC current density, and install mitigation measures in areas where the risk is highest.

AC Corrosion Coupons are suitable for use with both new build and existing structures;. Coupon is buried adjacent to the target pipeline. Installation can be completed quickly and efficiently, with very small enough to be positioned within a hand excavated or hydro-vac hole. Once a connection to the pipeline is established, AC current flow is measured with a standard Multimeter to give a quick and accurate indication of induced current on the pipeline.

These recorded values are sufficient to give operators the information they need, to determine whether AC mitigation is required and where it is required.


  • Model: ACCP
  • Carbon Steel – AISI 1018 (ASTM A108, AMS5069)
  • 1cm2 of exposed metal
  • Twin cables with # 12 AWG (4mm2) stranded copper wire – 15 Mtrs

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