Indentation Test – High Temp


Indentation Hardness Tester / Penetrometer Test / Indentation Tester

Caltech Engineering Services offers Indentation Tester or Indentation Resistance Tester complies with ISO 21809 and DIN 30670 standards.

Indentation Tester or Indentation resistance tester is highly useful for testing of indentation hardness using penetrometer of polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene (PE) material at above ambient temperature upto 90°C or 120°C up to 6 samples at a time. Indentation Test is recommended as per ISO 21809-1:2011 / DIN 30670: 2012 standard.

Indentation resistance tester has indentation or penetrometer for punching in the coating under fixed conditions of temperature and load in liquid media such as water.

Indentation or Indentation resistance tester made of stainless steel bath with provision of constant circulated bath with thermostatic stirrer maintains uniform temperature throughout the test with high accuracy. Excellent temperature stability and temperature control for demanding applications

Circulated bath controller has facility to control and measure temperature via electronic bright LED display cum controller mounted on bath. LED Display for easy to view from a distance for instant reassurance of unit status. It has integrated pump with built in facilities for timer function of 1 to 9999 mins (0.01 to 166 Hours).

Indentation Tester penetrometer are specially designed with a cylindrical indenter with a diameter of 1,8 mm ± 0,05 mm, with a cross-sectional area of 2,5 mm2, on the top of which is mounted a weight. The assembly (indenter plus weight) shall produce a force of 25 ± 0,5 N. This assist easy measurement of indentation depth to the accuracy of ±0,01 mm. Dial Gauges are provided on the side edge of penetrometer to measure indentation depth with high accuracy. Easy reading of the depth of indentation indicated on the penetrometer scale

The indenter shall be loaded with the mass of 2,5 kg in total into the equipment. This means 0.250 Kgs of penetrometer and weight of 2.250 Kgs, totaling to 2.50 Kgs.

Indentation or Indentation resistance tester also known as penetrometer with dial gauge indentation tester useful and recommended for PE / PP Coatings. Testing can be carried out for single or multiple up to 6 samples at a time. Instrument is manufactured to meet the requirement of ISO 21809-1:2011 / DIN 30670: 2012 standards of coating inspection

Indentation test is highly important as pipeline coating might undergo a possible penetration or deformation durig installations. The ability of coating to withstand penetration resistance or deformation force, without breaking through the coating into the substrate, is an important factor in protection of the substrate.

Caltech Engineering Services also manufactures low temperature indentation resistance tester or low temperature indentation hardness tester or low temperature indentation tester upto minus 50°C. For furher details, please contact us

Technical Specifications:

Construction Stainless Steel
Size of Bath 585 x 365 x 290mm Approx
Control Panel Automatic Control Panel
Heater 1500 Watt
Thermostat Electronic controlled Thermostat with EC confirmity
Display Monochrome LCD display ( Ambient to 90 deg cent)
Sensor PT-100
Timer 1 to 9999 mins (0.01 to 166 Hours)
Std Weights 2.250 Kgs Stainless Steel
Indenter 0.250 Kgs Indentor of 1.8mm dia
Support Stand For dial gauges with extra length (06 Nos)
Dial Gauge 0 to 10mm lc 0.010mm (06 Nos.)
Test Bench Two test bench consisting 6 samples testing facilities
Stirrer Integrated pump for liquid / water

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