Gloss Meter


Gloss measurement is essential instrument where a cosmetic appearance of the coating finish is required. It measures, guide to control and test right from matt to mirror finish accurately. Multi directing a beam light at a specific angle to the test surface and measuring the amount of reflection determine gloss.

The type of surface to be measured determines the angle used the 20 º model is use for high gloss paints, the 60º model for standard paint coating and the combined 20º /60º model will cater for both applications. For general gloss measurement the 60º angle is recommended. Measurement of angle for gloss is described in ISO2813 and ASTM D253.

Gloss is determined using a gloss meter, which directs a beam light (which has a similar wavelength range as the human eye) at a specific angle to the test surface and measuring the amount of reflection

Easy to use, place the gloss meter on the surface to be measured, press the read button and the gloss reading will appear on the display, releasing the button will hold the reading the instrument will automatically switch off when not in use.

Long life tungsten halogen lamp closely conforming to CIE illuminant C for International standard compliance is fitted in the star gloss meter.

Calibration facility for calibration on different standards

Star Gloss instrument is used for measuring gloss by Paints and Coatings, Plastics Industry, Polished synthetic stones, Natural stone, Automobile Industry, Furniture Industry, Metal Finishing, Printing Industry. The Star gloss assist to users to control from formulation, checked during manufacture and finally after the application.

Star-gloss has facility for selection of English, French, Spanish and German language. It conforms to BS EN ISO 2813, DIN 67530, ASTM D253 and JIS 8741.

Accuracy + 1% when referred to reference standard, with a display resolution of 0.1 gloss units.

Supplied in a Carrying case with calibration standard and battery charger.

Gloss Meters
G1060 60Deg Gloss Meter
G1026 20Deg & 60Deg combined Gloss Meter

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