Portable Whiteness Meter

Synonym : Whiteness Meter


Caltech India offers Whiteness Meter. BGD 586 Portable Whiteness Meter has been developed by our company recently. It is designed with the demand of CIE, including standard light resource and light environment. And it complies with GB2913,GB5950,GB8940.1,GB12097,GB13025.2 etc standards. It is used widely in the fields such as textile printing and dyeing, paint and coating, chemical materials, paper and cardboard, plastic, white cement, ceramic, enamelware, porcelain clay, French white , amylum etc.


  • Can be put in pocket because of micro miniature size, portable and is convenient for testing fieldwork.
  • With the newest repairing light resource system, and can measure the fluorescence whiteness
  • Simple operation and no need to zero calibration
  • Saving electrical power, it only needs one battery and can work in excess of fifty hours continuously(can measure ten thousands data).
  • Special technical design about moisture protection can ensure you use it in various harsh environments
  • Long lifetime light source.
  • Pass the standard value through the calibrated white board.
  • Can select the case which put the powder sample in specially and pressing sample apparatus.

Main Technical Parameters:

  • Incidence Angle:45/0
  • Range of Measurement:0-199.9
  • Whiteness Formula:The Whiteness of Blue Light
  • Light Source:D65
  • Repeatability:0.2
  • Power Supply:1.5V AA
  • Weight:300g

Ordering Information:

BGD 586 Portable Whiteness Meter

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