Cross Hatch Cutter Kit

Synonym : Cross Hatch Cutter Kit, Cross Hatch Cutter, Cross Cut Tester, Cross Hatch Tester, Cross Cut Adhesion Test Kit, Cross Hatch Paint Test, Cross Hatch Tester, Cross Cut Adhesion Test, Cross Hatch Adhesion Test Cutter


Caltech India offers Cross Hatch Cutter Kit. Cross hatch adhesion test or cross hatch cutter kit will allow an assessment to be made of the adhesion resistance of coatings to separation from substrates when a right-angled lattice pattern is cut into the coating and penetrates through to the substrate. Coating or painting is cut into small squares using cross cuts and reduces lateral bonding, and the adhesion assessed against ISO, ASTM or customer specifications. The coating thickness determines the cutter size used. According to ISO 2409 Standard.

  • 1mm cutter is suitable for coatings under 60μm for hard (e.g. metal and plastics) substrates.
  • 2mm spacing cross cutter is suitable for 61 μm to 120 μm both hard and soft substrates and also suitable for coatings under 60μm for soft (e.g. wood and plaster) substrates.
  • 3mm spacing cross cutter for coating from 121 μm to 250 μm for both hard and soft substrates.

Cross hatch adhesion test also known as or Cross Cut Test Kit / Cross Hatch Adhesion Tester / Cross Cut Adhesion Test Kit / Cross-Cut Kit / Cross Hatch Paint Adhesion Test Kit (P.A.T.)

Complete procedure of cross hatch cutter kit is very simple. Cross hatch cutter has 6 cutting blades spaced either 1mm, 2mm or 3mm apart, one cutting pass makes 6 cuts in the coating, a second pass at 90° makes a square lattice pattern. Apply special adhesive tape over cut section and within 5 minutes remove tape. Classify the cut area according to the relevant national standard classification guide. Cross hatch test or cross hatch tester conforms to BS 3900:E6, ASTM D3359, BS/DIN EN ISO 2409.

Cross hatch cutter blades are ground onto 6 cutting sides, so that when one cutting side becomes blunt there are a further 5 cutting sides to use. Therefore giving a 1/3 rd extra life over conventional 4 sided models. We supply complete cross hatch kits, spare adhesive tapes and accessories. Complete cross hatch adhesion test kit is supplied in a cardboard box packaging. For further details of cross cut kit, purchase, resell, please contact caltech india.

Standards: BS 3900-E6, ASTM D3359, EN 13523-6, ISO 2409, ISO 16276-2

Ordering Information:

Cross Hatch Cutter Kit
C1011 1mm cross hatch adhesion test cutter with 6 teeth
C1013 1mm cross hatch adhesion test cutter with 11 teeth
C1012 2mm cross hatch adhesion test cutter with 6 teeth
C1014 3mm cross hatch adhesion test cutter with 6 teeth
XA001 Adhesion Tape complies with ISO2409
XA002 Viewing Lens complies with ISO2409

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