Micrometer Adjustable Film Applicator


Caltech India offers Micrometer Adjustable Film Applicator. This is simple wet film applicator features two built-in micrometer heads for knife blade for adjusting the knife blade so that clearances of the blade can be accurately set from 0-8mm in 10 micron (0.01 mm) increments. The operator sets the blade clearance by adjusting the micrometers. This applicator is ideally suited to research projects where small variations in film thickness need to be evaluated accurately.


  • Stainless steel knife blade with precision ground edge
  • Wet film thickness 8mm maximum
  • Micrometer head accuracy is ± 10 µm

The applicator consists of :

• A special anodized aluminium frame to guide the knife blade. The frame has two end sections which serve as hand grips for the operator when drawing down wet films.
• A Special knife blade with a precision ground edge. The slides in slots in the end sections which allows vertical adjustments of the blade.
• Two springs attached to the knife-blade and top plate. These exert an upward pressure on the blade and maintain it in contact against the two micrometer spindles to retain gap settings of the blade.
• Complies with ASTM D3022, ASTM D823 Practice E

Ordering Information:

Adjustable Film Applicator  
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Technical Parameters ↓
CES-401 CES-401A CES-401B CES-401C CES-401D
Material Aluminum   with hardening treatment, wear resistance
Setting scope 0~5000µm
Precision 10µm
Blade   width

Wet film width

50 mm 100 mm 100   mm 150 mm 150 mm 200   mm

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