Multi Purpose Gauge | Master Paint Plate

Synonym : Multipurpose Gauge, Master Paint Plate, Multitester, X Cut Knife Test, Cross Hatch Adhesion, Cross Hatch Tester, Cross Hatch Paint Adhesion Test


Caltech India offers Multi Purpose Gauge or Master Paint Plate a very useful gauge for cross cut adhesion testing as per ASTM D6677, ASTM D3359 Method A and ASTM D3359 method B standard. This gauge is also useful for determination of wet film thickness and also used to determine sagging properties. ASTM D3359 Test Method A is primarily intended for use at job sites while Test Method B is more suitable for use in the laboratory. Also, Test Method B is not considered suitable for films thicker than 5 mils (125μm)

One Gauge with following features:

  • Multi-purpose surface testing equipment: Cross-cut tester for the adhesion assessment of thin and thick single or multi coat systems in line with Test Method A and Test Method B. Applicator for the preparation of wedge-shaped layers of coating materials, sagging applicator for determining the sagging properties and wet-film thickness gauge for testing the film thickness.
  • 6 different cross-cut tests with easy positioning by use of vision panel integrated in one.
  • Instrument, amongst others the lattice pattern with 11 cuts according to ASTM D3359 method B
  • Made of stainless steel. Also prefered to use for X cut Knife test as per ASTM D6677

Ask for complete multi purpose gauge kit which includes multi-purpose gauge, slick knife, standard adhesive tape, magnifier and operating manual

Ordering Information:

Multi Purpose Gauge / Master Paint Plate
CCT123 Multi Purpose Gauge / Master Paint Plate
XA001 gap heights: 0 mm to 2 mm (0“ – 0.08“), sagging: 0.25 mm to 4.0 mm (0.01“ – 0.16“), wet film thickness: 50 µm to 500 µm (2.0 mil – 19.7 mil)
Standards ASTM D6677, ASTM D3359, EN ISO 2409, EN ISO 2808, EN ISO 3359

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