High Speed Shear Dispersing Emulsifier/Homogenizer


High Speed Shear Dispersing Emulsifier/Homogenizer is used widely for biology, physics and chemistry, cosmetics, health products and food liquid laboratory. It can finish mixing, emulsifying, liquid/solid powder dispersing, homogenizing, tissues and cells mashed, plasma experiment. It is ideal dispersing machine for scientific research institutions, universities, public health and product manufacturing, scientific research etc.

This product adopts the innovative design, compact structure, advanced manufacturing technology. Drive motor adopts high-density die-casting aluminum alloy casing of micro-motor, with high power, high speed, and reliable operation. Controller adopts numerical control technology, with showing running status, it is very convenient for the collection of working data. Homogeneous dispersion head is made of high-quality stainless steel (connecting parts), with perfect corrosion resistance. Using a special connecting method between working head with motor, so it is very easy for disassembly and assembly.

The unique structure of Homogeneous dispersion blade make sure that it can work with high speed. Strong shear power and mighty high-frequency mechanical effect are occurred because of high line-speed. The sample is sheared, laminated and mixed more than 10,000 times under the strong acentric power and the mutual shearing and dispersing between stirrer and stator.

This machine have different working stirring blade for different requirements.

Ordering Information:

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Digital High-shear Dispersing Emulsifier BGD 746 Digital High Speed Dispersing Homogenizer
BGD 748/1 BGD 748/2
Power Supply AC 220 V   50 Hz AC 220 V   50 Hz
Input Power(W) 510 280 510
Output Power(W) 300 200 300
Range of speed(r/min) 200~11,000 300~23,000 300~18,000
Stirring blade Diameter(mm) 70 12 ;18 28;36
Stator(mm2) 5;20;50
Max. Capacity (Water) 40L 0.8L 7.0L
Size (mm) 250×350×720 230×300×530 350×250×720
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