Pencil Hardness Tester

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Caltech India offers Pencil Hardness Tester will determine the hardness or scratch resistance of painted surfaces on horizontal and vertical planes. Small and portable can be used in virtually any location. Traceable test method uses high quality hardness graded pencils. Choice of graded pencil set is supplied as per choice.

We also supply adjustable pencil hardness tester with 500, 750, 1000gms load to applied on surface. Adjustable Pencil Hardness Tester has level spirit level bottle to insert leveled pencil in the hardness tester.

MITSUBISHI Hardness Pencil and Staedtler Hardness Pencil as per choice of customers are also supplied.

Mitsubishi Hardness Tester Pencils 14 No. from 6B to 5H

STAEDTLER Hardness Tester Pencils 12 No. from 6B to 5H

Mitsubishi Hardness Tester Pencils 19 Nos. from 9H to 9B

Pencil Hardness Tester is a popular test in the industry. It is used to determine scratch (mar) and/or gouge hardness of coatings. The test is inexpensive can be performed quickly. However, there are several limitations in the test as described in ASTM D-3363.The amount of pressure used and the angle of the pencil to the substrate affect the results. Pencil hardness tester with mechanical driven speed and with constant variable load also available to eliminate operator errors. More detailed information about pencil hardness tester is given in ISO 15184, BS3900-E19, ASTM D3363, GB/T 6739-86 Standards.

For ordering, please select pencil hardness tester model of your choice or contact us.

Ordering Information:

505 Pencil Hardness Tester

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