Table Electronic Tensile Machine

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Caltech India offers Table Electronic Tensile Machine. This is a Table Electronic Tensile Machine attached with the micro printer, it can not only can test the tensile strength, compressive strength and extension length of all kinds of material, semi-finished products and products, but also do the testing of stripping, tearing, bending, flexural, compression etc. Therefore, it is widely applied in the field of metal, plastic, rubber, textile, synthetic chemicals, wire and cable, leather etc

Main Technical Parameters:

  • Max. Capacity (Optional):50N, 100N, 200N, 500N, 1000N
  • Test range of test force:0.4%~100 FS ( full range)
  • The indicated error of test force:≤ ±0.5%
  • The resolution of test force:±1/250000 of max. force, there is no grades in the whole process ,and the process keep the constant resolution
  • The valid length of tensile:800mm (clamp is not included)
  • The error of indicated displacement:≤ ±0.2% (indication)
  • The resolution of displacement: 0.015mm
  • The range of test speed:50~500 mm/min(adjustable)
  • External dimensions:55×45×135cm
  • Weight:75Kg
  • Power Supply:220V/50Hz
  • Power:120W

Ordering Information:

BGD 572 Table Electronic Tensile Machine

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