Automatic Scratch Tester

Synonym : Automated Scratch Hardness Tester, Scratch Tester Coatings, Scratch Test For Coating, Motorized Scratch Tester, Shear Tester, Scratch Resistant Paint, Scratch Resistance Test, Scratch Testing, Scratch Test, Scratch Hardness Test


Caltech India offers BGD 520 Automatic Scratch Tester. This motorized apparatus is dedicated to coating hardness evaluation based on scratching resistance method. A test panel is clamped and slowly moved whilst a stylus or alternative tool scratches the surface. Depending on test procedures, specified or variable loads can be applied to obtain different degrees of failure, from trace to destruction. A voltmeter indicates the contact of the tool with the metallic sample substrate.


  • Working table can be moved left and right—convenient for measuring different areas in the same panel
  • Sound-light Alarm system for puncturing through sample panel—more visual
  • High hardness material needle-more durable

This machine complies with BS 3900;E2, ISO 1518. Also available, loop stylus version BS 3900 ; E17/ISO 12137-1. N.B. Other specifications available ASTM D5178, D2197

Main Technical Parameters:

  • Motor: 60W 220V 50HZ
  • Mass of weights: 50g-2500g
  • Diameter of an indentor with a half-spherical end: 1mm
  • Max Panel size: 100×150×1.6mm (0.3 mm coating|)
  • Overall dimensions: 380×300×180mm
  • Weight: 25kg

Ordering Information:

BGD 520 Automatic Scratch Tester

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