Manual Scratch Hardness Tester

Synonym : Scratch Hardness Tester Manual, Manual Scratch Hardness Tester, Hand Operated, Scratch Hardness Tester for Paint


Caltech India offers Scratch Hardness Tester (Manual).

Scratch Hardness Tester is suitable for checking coating performance is related to many factors that include the hardness of the coating with other physical properties such as adhesion, lubricity, resilience and influence of coating thickness and curing conditions. It is a quantifiable indication of the extent to which serious damage is resisted when a loaded needle is raked across a relatively smooth, flat surface. Scratch Hardness Tester (Manual) is hand operated instrument.

The needle arm is counterpoised and rigid to prevent whip or chatter at the ball-point. A 1 mm tungsten carbide ball ended needle (normally supplied with each instrument) is held in a chuck at 90º to the test panel and can be easily removed for inspection and replacement. The tungsten carbide needle will provide with care, a long useful life without the need to replace the tip after each test. Weights providing increments of 500gm to 3Kg (0-30N) mass are loaded above the ball ended needle (or stylus). In event of proper scratch, the instrument gives beep sound. Standard test panels (usually metallic) of 150 x 100mm with thickness up to 1.65mm can be used, however upon request provision can be made to accommodate thicker panels if required. The instrument complies with IS 101, BS 3900, ISO 1518, ASTM D5178, and ASTM D2197 specifications.

Ordering Information:

Model SHT-01
Power 9 Volt Battery
Weights 500 gms, 1000 gms, 1500 gms

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