Scratch Hardness Tester

Synonym : Automated Scratch Hardness Tester, Scratch Tester Coatings, Scratch Test For Coating, Scratch Hardness Test


Caltech India offers motorized automatic scratch hardness tester.

Scratch Hardness Tester is automatically operated using a test panel is clamped driven by constant speed while needle scratches the surface. By increasing the load determine at which load needle is penetrating. It is a suitable apparatus for conducting tests related to resistance to scratch under a specified load. The equipment can be used for a wide variety of products such as paints, lacquers and varnishes.

The automatic scratch hardness tester is highly recommended for the paint and plating industry and has been designed for repetitive use in industries and laboratories, where quality control tests need to be conducted. The scratch test is carried out either on a go/no go basis by testing at a single specified load on the needle or by increasing the load to determine the minimum load at which the coating can be penetrated. It is a durable and highly reliable instrument. The automatic scratch hardness tester strictly conforms to BS 3900, IS 101, ISO 1518, ASTM D5178, and ASTM D2197 specification standards and comes complete with instruction manual & conformance certificate. Scratch hardness motorized tester operates on power supply of 230V AC supplied along with standard loads of 250, 500, 1000, 3,000 gm weights.

Ordering Information:

Automatic Scratch Hardness Tester
Model SHT-01
Power 230V, 50~60 Hz
Weights 250, 500, 1000, 1500, 3000 gms

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