Concrete Adhesion Tester

Synonym : Adhesion Tester for Coatings on Concrete, Concrete Coating Adhesion, Concrete Coating, Concrete Adhesion Test, Adhesion Tester, Adhesion Testers, Adhesion Testing


Caltech India offers Concrete Adhesion Tester which is easy to operate and fully portable, provides a numerical value for adhesion.
Applications include : paint or plasma spray on bridge decking, coatings on steel, aluminum or concrete, etc.
Comes in a carrying case – ideal for site tests. Hand operated so you dont have to worry about a power supply!
A test dolly is bonded to the coating using an adhesive.
The Concrete Adhesion Tester 1064 houses a spring arrangement which applies a lift force to the dolly.
When the dolly is pulled off the surface, an indicator on the scale shows the numerical value of adhesion expressed in terms of the force required to remove the dolly.
Test from low adhesion values of 5-30 PSI(0.05-0.2N/mm2)up to 500-3200PSI(5-22N/mm2)
It can be used in accordance with ASTM D4541, BS EN 24624, and ISO 4624

Ordering Information:

  • 1064/1: Concrete Adhesion Tester – Scale 1: 0-3.5 MPa (0-500 PSI)
  • 1064/2: Concrete Adhesion Tester – Scale 2: 0-7 MPa (0-1,000 PSI)
  • 1064/3: Concrete Adhesion Tester – Scale 3: 0-15 MPa (0-2,000 PSI)
  • 1064/4: Concrete Adhesion Tester – Scale 4: 0-22 MPa (0-3,200 PSI)
  • 1064/5: Concrete Adhesion Tester – Scale 5: 0-0.2 MPa (0-30 PSI)

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