Surface Profile Gauge

Synonym : Surface Profile Gauge, Analog Surface Profile Gauge, Surface Profile Needle Gauge, Profile Gauge, Surface Profile, Surface Gauge, Surface Profile Meter, Analogue Profile Gauge, Surface Profile Needle Gauge


Caltech India offers best Surface Profile Gauge for paint coating inspection instrument. We also provide digital surface profile gage price at economical price.

Surface Profile Gauge for blasting will allow the peak to valley height of blast-cleaned surfaces to be accurately measured in accordance with the ASTM D4417 Method B standard. The analog profile meter is important tool in assessment of degree surface preparation or surface cleanliness before painting application. surface profile meter are supplied in analog and digital version.

The analogue profile gauge is initially set to zero with the glass zero plate. To measure profile, the needle of gage is placed on blasted surface and base of gage is then placed on the blasted profile. The foot sits on top of the peaks and the needle moves up or down to the bottom of the valley, allowing the surface profile meter to display the peak to valley height. A number of measurements can be made and the average taken for accurate results of blasted profile.

In addition the analogue profile gauge can also be used to measure the effects of corrosion, i.e. pitting and cavity depth etc. The surface profile meter can be used as per ASTM D4417 specifications.

Caltech India – Surface Profile Needle Gage is supplied in carrying case with glass zero plate, allen key, operating manual in a case.

Ordering Information:

Surface Profile Gauge
R1005 Analog Surface Profile Gauge ( Range0-1000 µm ) 2µm
R1020 Digital Surface Profile Gauge ( Range0-1000 µm ) 1 µm

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