Programmable Digital Viscometer


These viscometers combine with a temperature control device in a body. Multifunction viscosity measurement system is made of small sample adapter (SSR) ,cylindrical sample sleeve and SC4 spindle structure, can produce accurate shear rate measurement, sample amount only need 2 to 16 ml. Small sample cylinder handling convenient and easy to clean.Small sample tube and temperature controller close connection, Can be accurately control temperature. Spindle mixing action and a few sample, Can greatly shorten the sample temperature control time.

When test viscosity of sample, precise control of the temperature will help operator to ensure the accuracy of experimental results, Due to the temperature controller using semiconductor and built-in automatic optimization of temperature program control.The temperature control speed is very fast,and heating/cooling speed can be adjusted(precision can arrive±0.1℃).Temperature control is controlled by BGD- T software which has a good performance.

Main Technical Parameters:

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BGD 156/T (DV-1) BGD 157/T (DV-2)
Measurement Range(mPa.s) BGD 156/T1:  10-330K
BGD 156/T2:  50-3.3M
BGD 156/T3:  100-6.6M
BGD 156/T4:  400-26.4M
BGD 157/T1:  10-1M
BGD 157/T2:  25-10M
BGD 157/T3:  50-20M
BGD 157/T4:  800-80M
R.P.M (per min) 0.3-100 0.1-200
Rotor Amount Standard: SC4-21#、27#、28#、29# (SC4-14、15、16、18、25、31、34 is optional)
Sample 2-20ml
Measurement Accuracy ±1.0% (of the full range)
Repeatability ±0.5%
Temperature Range 0~150℃(precision±0.1℃)
Configuration BGD – T1 viscosity curve analysis software
Power Input: AC100-240V, 50Hz/60Hz;Output: DC17V 1.2A
Gross Weight 20 Kg
Packing Size 490×360×600 (mm)
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