Viscosity Cup Standard Calibration Oils


BIUGED supply a series of different viscosity standard oils which can bring convenience for calibrating your viscometers or flow cups. They are Newton liquid, with a perfect stability, hydrophobic and damp-proof. Good physical inertia and low surface tension. They can be kept and used for a long time.

Every bottle of viscosity cup standard calibration oils has been calibrated by SOUTH CHINA NATIONAL CENTER OF METROLOGY , and comes with a calibration certificate report which calibrates kinetic viscosity(cP value) and kinematic viscosity (cSt value), and has a very high reliability and accuracy.

Ordering Information:

Ordering Information Kinetic Viscosity(cP) Kinematic Viscosity (mm2/s) Suitable for
BGD 1600/1 5 5.4 ISO Flow Cup No.3
BGD 1600/2 50 52.1 Zahn Cup No.1; Ford Cup No.2
BGD 1600/3 100 104.2 Zahn Cup No.2; ISO Flow Cup No.4; Ford Cup No.3; Iwata Cup No.2(NK-2)
BGD 1600/4 200 208.3 ISO Flow Cup No.5; DIN Flow Cup No.4; Ford Cup No.4
BGD 1600/5 500(67.2 KU) 520.8 Zahn Cup No.3 and No.4; ISO Flow Cup No.6
BGD 1600/6 1,000(86.3 KU) 1,052.3 Zahn Cup No.5; Krebs Stormer Viscometer
BGD 1600/7 5,000 5,170.6 Rotary Viscometer
BGD 1600/8 10,000 10,416.7 Rotary Viscometer
BGD 1600/9 30,000 31,039.8 Rotary Viscometer
BGD 1600/10 60,000 62,176.2 Rotary Viscometer
BGD 1600/11 100,000 103,092.8 Rotary Viscometer whose range is over 100,000 cp
BGD 1600/L 67.2 KU —- Krebs Stormer Viscometer
BGD 1600/M 86.3 KU —- Krebs Stormer Viscometer
BGD 1600/H 106.6 KU —- Krebs Stormer Viscometer
BGD 1600/T 121.5 KU —- Krebs Stormer Viscometer

① The tested value of below table is tested at 25℃.
② For every bottle standard oil, the fact viscosity value should be taken as final by calibration certificate report.
③ The period of validity for viscosity value of standard oil is one year, it should be recalibrated every year

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