Wet Film Wheel Gauge

Synonym : Wet Film Wheels


Caltech India offers Wet Film Wheels consists of three circles. The middle circle is of smaller diameter and is eccentric of the two outer circles. By rolling the gauge through a wet coating, the center disc eventually touches the film. This point on the scale indicates the thickness. If the volume to solids ratio of the coating is known, then the wet film thickness can be used to predict the dry film thickness. Various measurement ranges are available from 0 to 100µm to 0 to 2000µm are available. It has continuous scale results in ±5% measurement accuracy and suitable for both flat and curved surfaces. Stainless steel giving a hard-wearing instrument which can be cleaned with solvents for reuse and used for important measurements.

Caltech Engineering Services Mumbai India Wet Film Wheels are rolled via thumb wheel specially made from brass on the flat surface to measure wet film thickness of the wet painted surfaces. The wet film wheel gauge is in the form of a wheel, approximately 50mm in diameter, grooved with three disk sections. Ends sides of the disks are of the same diameter, uniformly spaced apart for gauge support, and are concentric. Centre grooved third disk is smaller, and is eccentric to them. When the wet film wheel gauge is rolled over a wet film, center eccentric disk will also roll on the surface to pick up the material only at and below the actual thickness, which permits its immediate and direct reading. These are used for accurately measuring the wet film thickness of paints, primers, inks, adhesives, gel coatings and several other products. The Wet Film Wheel has engraved scale on the side face of measuring rim. The gauge is highly accurate with disadvantage of wft range. Wet film wheel has low range of measurement; therefore it is often used while close range measurements are required.

Standard EN ISO 2808 describes the procedure for use of wet film thickness gauge. It may be noted that the measurement of wet film is approximate and often used for information and determination of DFT on the surface. For Further details, please contact Caltech Engineering Services Mumbai India.

For unspecified range contact us. We also provide mil scales on request of customer all over world.

Range of Wet Film Wheels

Stainless Steel Wet Film Wheels
CES W1 Range from 0 to 100µm Wheel
CES W2 Range from 0 to 300µm Wheel
CES W3 Range from 0 to 500µm Wheel
CES W4 Range from 0 to 1000µm Wheel
CES W5 Range from 0 to 2000µm Wheel

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