Sand Bath Cathodic Disbonding Tester


Caltech India commonly constant temperature sand baths sutaible for constant temperature heating. Sand Bath is also used commonly for cathodic disbondment test to be conducted at high tempertare. Common sand or abrasives are insered in the top container which gets heated to give constant temperature. Constant temperature thermostatic bath is also widely used in the ofields of drying articles in chemical analysis, physical determination, heat treatment and other temperature experiments in laboratories of industrial mining enterprise, medicine and health, environmental protection, biochemistry, education and scientific research etc.. Sand Bath temperature is controlled by microprocessor with PID regulator. It has such advantages as fastness in temperature rising and dropping, high precision in controlling temperature. PID Auto tuning controller with digital setting and display automatically controls temperature and reaches 200°C within 30 minutes. Hot plate is separated from main body by heat resistant plate to protect the electronic parts and controller. Overheating is prevented by a safety thermostat.


  • The working tray adopts stainless steel or casting steel material.
  • Full closed heating plate with functions of no open fire, speed temperature raising safe.
  • Electric temperature control type, microcomputer intelligent temperature control.
  • PID Controlled uniform temperature all time


Model Size Voltage Temperature Controller
SB-24 300x 600 mm 220~250V 0-100°C PID

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