Cathodic Disbonding Tester with Software (4 Channel)


Caltech India is a leading manufacturer for cathodic disbondment test equipment with software for testing the resistance to cathodic disbonding. Cathodic disbonding tester is designed to test and accurately determine the characteristics of insulating coating systems applied over steel material. Cathodic disbondment test equipment has high accuracy in potential (measured and applied), limits of deviations between the actual and reported

CD Tester 405S- Cathodic disbondment test equipment with software is one of the useful instruments to test and determine accelerated corrosion testing of insulated coatings over steel surface. Cathodic disbondment tester is manufactured with latest microprocessor based technology with multi-channel based on potentiostat operations with software. No need of factory training. Cathodic disbondment testing instrument has all lemo connections with made easy with plug and play devices. Full details of installation and operations are given in user manual. Cathodic disbondment mechanism tests made easy also for epoxy coated steel reinforcing bars.

CD-405 (Multi Channel Potentiostat) Cathodic Disbondment Tester meets or exceeds the meets or exceeds the requirement of ASTM G8, ASTM G42, ASTM A775, ASTM G95, DIN 30671, EN 12068, ISO 15711, ISO 21809, NF A 49-710 /711 and CSA-Z245 Canadian specification.

Cathodic Disbondment Tester CD-405S model has been supplied with software. This software can be has unique features like selection of time frequency, test sample details, sample identification, test temperature etc. Exported file cam be saved in excel sheet for record and analysis.

Software icon is created on desktop.
Double click on icon to open the test screen. It will appear as below: Select com port from drop down. In case com port is not selected, you may install the same via software.

Export Screen

Export Screen

Error Screen when attempting to start test

Error Screen when attempting to start test

Error Screen when attempting to export

Error Screen when attempting to export

CD-405S complete unit consisting

CD-405S complete unit consisting of

  • Multichannel CD Tester with 4 measuring channels with software
  • RS232 to USB port cable
  • Automatic voltage regulation by microprocessor based circuit.
  • Nominal adjustable voltage 0-4.00 V DC ±0.01 V, lc 0.01V Display 3 1/2 digit
  • Bright LED fitted to check working of channels within acceptable limits
  • On site calibration as per operating procedures.
  • Display all settings and outputs of each channel
  • Selection of voltage via metallic keypad operation
  • 4 Acrylic glass test cups with cover to fit electrodes
  • 4 Sets of cable consisting platinum coated electrodes, Ag electrodes, working clamps.
  • Dimensions: 300 x 175 x 400mm
  • Weight: 3.25 kg
  • Power supply: 230 V/50 Hz, max. 30 W.

We also provide 110V/50 Hz instrument for USA and Canada.

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