Chloride Penetration Test Apparatus with Software

RCPT Test Apparatus with Software


Caltech India offers Rapid Chloride Test Apparatus. Rapid Chloride Test Apparatus (RCPT) has multi-port testing facilities is designed to test concrete samples of 100mm diameter with 50mm thickness. All the easy connections are ready to use instrument.

Customer can test upto four samples at a time as per ASTM C1202 (Electrical Indication of Concrete’s Ability to Resist Chloride Ion Penetration). All the cells are provided with connecting rubber gasket and washers for achieving leak proof.

Concrete contains flying ash or silica fumes are less penetration are less permeable to deleterious elements and thus are more durable than conventional concretes. The Rapid Chloride-ion Penetration Test (RCPT) is designed to assess the resistance of concrete to the penetration of chloride ions, an indicator of its penetration. Complete with Tools Kit.

RCPT Apparatus is a fully self-contained complete kit as per ASTM C 1202-05.

Complete instrument includes the following items:

  • RCPT Test Apparatus with 4 Port (230~250V AC Power Supply)
  • Plexiglass chambers – 4 pairs
  • 500mm vacuum desiccator
  • Vacuum pump
  • Moisture trap
  • Temperature probe
  • Consumables – good for 1 doz
  • Tests Sealant + gun Acrylic sealer + brush

Software with the following features:

  • Graphical and Intuitive User interface for easy usage.
  • COM Port Selection Option.
  • Ability to enter test relevant details to be appended to export data.
  • Automated pause of test after completion of selected time period.
  • Automated calculation of values based on ASTM standards.
  • Warning system in case of test device disconnection and auto pause.
  • Graphical display of Real time values of Current and Temperature for easy monitoring.
  • Scrollable log of values received during the duration of the test.
  • Export option with start/end selection and file type excel.

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