Specific Electrical Coating Resistance Tester


Caltech Engineering Services offers specific electrical resistance tester. Specific electrical insulation resistance tester has facilities is designed to test insulation/ coating materials, heat shrinks. This is also suitable for external liquid applied epoxy and epoxy modified coatings. Instrument requires flat or curved samples of 270 mm diameter. All the easy connections made and it is ready to use instrument. The test consists of measuring the specific electrical insulation resistance (electrical resistance of the coating in relation to the surface area of the coated pipe) by exposure to a sodium chloride solution over a test period.

Voltage needs to apply during measurements only. Keep recording voltage (U) and current (I) as per standards requirements. Normally first measurement shall be taken after three days. Then continue to monitor the measurement at weekly intervals for a total of 100 days.

Testing can be carried as per ISO/FDIS 21809-3, EN 15655, EN 12068, DIN 30670, NACE TG 479, DIN 30675, DIN 30672, and ASTM D257, and GOST 51164-98 specifications. Instrument is provided with test cells and connecting rubber gasket and washers for achieving leak proof.

Specific electrical insulation resistance tester is designed to assess the resistance of coatings accurately. Specific electrical insulation resistance Tester is a fully self-contained complete kit includes the following items:

  • Insulation Resistance Tester (230~250V AC Power Supply)
  • Plexiglass chambers – 1 cell
  • Tests Sealant + gun Acrylic sealer
Model SISR-05
Power 230V AC, ± 10 %, 50~60 Hz
Output Voltage 100~600 ±1 Volts via Test voltage controller
Output Current 0.001 ~ 1.000 amp
Metering LCD Display
Accuracy ±1%
Protection Against Short Circuit
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