Automatic Weld Size Gauge

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For Accurate Calibration of Butt and Fillet Type Welds / GAL Welding Gauges

With the new improved GAL Gauge A.W.S. Gauge shown above it is possible to meet specifications of butt and fillet type welds. New designed instrument is pocket sized and easy to operate, new feature includes thumb screw which replaces old hard to perate rivet type.

Diagrams at left illustrate the ease with which welders and inspectors may accurately check sizes of convex or concave fillets as well as butt weld reinforcements.

The convexity and concavity sizes have automatically been predetermined in accordance with American Welding Society D1.1Paragraph 3.6.

GAL Welding Inspection Gauge is precision built of stainless steel with dimensional readings chemically etched and filled for easier reading

GAL Gage Co manufactured high performance welding inspection gauges are highly popular and recommended by welding inspectors..

1. To Determine the Size of a Fillet Weld

Fillet WeldPlace the gauge against the toe of the fillet weld and slide pointer out until it touches structure as shown. Read “Size of the Fillet Weld” on the face of gauge as indicated by arrow.

2. To Check the Pemissible Tolerance of Convexity

ConvexityAfter the size of a convex weld has been determined, place the gauge against the structure and slide pointer until it touches face of fillet weld as shown. The maximum convexity should not be greater than indicated by “Maximum Convexity Scale” as indicated by arrow for the size of fillet being checked.

3. To Check the Permissible Tolerance of Concavity and Underfill

Concavity and UnderfillPlace gauge against structure and slide pointer out until it touches the face of the fillet weld as shown. If the pointer does not touch as shown, the fillet requires additional weld metal.

4. To Check the Permissible Tolerance of Reinforcement

ReinforcementPlace gauge so that reinforcement will come between legs of gauge and slide pointer out until it touches the face of weld as shown.

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GAL-6 Automatic Weld Size Gauge
GAL-6M Metric Automatic Weld Size Gauge

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