Cross Hatch Coating Adhesion Test Tape


Caltech India offers Cross Hatch Coating Adhesion Test Tape as per ASTM D3359.

It is used in conjunction with both the Multi Blade Cross Hatch Cutter Kit and the Cross Hatch Cutter Kit as a way of instantly assessing the quality between the bond and substrate, quickly, easily and efficiently.

It is also known as ASTM Tape / Adhesive Tape D3359 / Cross Hatch Test Tape / Adhesion Test Tape.

The tape has the excellent adhesive strength greater than 190 N/m to comply with the standard ASTM D3359. The adhesive tape is suitable for both method “A” and method “B” of standard. We supply adhesive tape of 25.4mm (1”) wide with length of 60 meters.

It is an excellent adhesive tape for cross hatch testing on steel surface. ASTM D3359 Adhesive Tape with consistence and continuity in their testing processes. ASTM D3359 – the cross cut adhesion test method for measuring adhesion using the tape test.

ASTM D3359 describes two test methods for evaluating tape adhesion of a coating system: Method A (X-cut Tape Test) and Method B (Cross-cut Tape Test). The method selected is based on the total thickness of the coating system to be evaluated. Method B is used for coating systems up to 5 mils (125 microns) thick and Method A is used for coating systems in excess of 5 mils (125 microns).

The X-cut tape test is primarily intended for use at job sites. Using a sharp razor blade, scalpel, knife or other cutting device, two cuts are made into the coating with a 30 – 45 degree angle between legs and down to the substrate which intersects to form an “X”. A steel or other hard metal straightedge is used to ensure straight cuts. Tape is placed on the center of the intersection of the cuts and then removed rapidly. The X-cut area is then inspected for removal of coating from the substrate or previous coating and rated.

The cross hatch tape test is primarily intended for use in the laboratory on coatings less than 5 mils (125 microns) thick. It uses a cross-hatch pattern rather than the X pattern. A cutting guide or a special cross-hatch cutter with multiple preset blades is needed to make sure the incisions are properly spaced and parallel. After the tape has been applied and pulled off, the cut area is then inspected and rated.

A standard method for the application and performance of these tests is available in ASTM D3359.

The adhesive tape to be used for assessing the adhesive strength on painted steel surfaces. Adhesive tape can be used for most painting applications.

The test can be performed in about 5 minutes at site or in a laboratory.

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