Spray Gun


Caltech India offers Spray Gun. It is the most commonly tool when spray paint, Using it can obtain uniform, exquisite film. The good quality Spray Gun can be distinguished from its degree of pulverization, useful time.

Main Technical Parameters:

  • Nickel-plated gun body, stable instruction, steady mass center
  • Uniform pulverization, smooth film
  • Have a large range adjustment to pressure of air
  • Aluminum pot

Ordering Information:

Ordering Information Model Fluid nozzle orifice(mm) Pattern Width (mm) Pot Capacity Air Pressure (kg/cm2) Air consumption (l/min)
W71-G Gravity 1.0;1.3;1.5;1.8 125—210 400cc 3.0—3.5 85—250
W71-S Attract 1.0;1.3;1.5;1.8 105—180 600cc 3.0—3.5 105—180
W77-G Gravity 1.5;2.0;2.5;3.0 290—330 400cc 3.0—3.5 290—460
W77-S Attract 1.5;2.0;2.5;3.0 260—300 1000cc 3.0—4.0 260—300
W-101P Compress 0.8;1.0;1.3;1.5 190-240 2.5 270
F-2 Gravity 0.5 230 250 3.0 35

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