Muller Laboratory Grinder


BGD 650 Muller Laboratory Grinder is a sturdy machine, enabling optimal and perfectly reproducible grinding and dispersion to be obtained in the laboratory. It has been designed to grind and discharge small amounts of raw materials for paint and varnish.

This unit consists of a steel frame holding two ground-glass plates, the lower of which is motor driven. A LCD counter can help operator register the total number of revolutions and automatically stops the motor once the user’s defined number of revolutions has been met. Furthermore, it also can show the total after each test cycle.

An amount of raw material is spread over a limited area of the lower glass plate. The mixture is ground in successive stages, for example 50 revolutions each, at a pressure, of 445N. Between each stage, the mixture should be redistributed within the limited area.

The BGD 650 Muller Laboratory Grinder is suitable for preparing dispersions for testing mass color and tinting strength and preparing small samples for use in the quality control of pigments.

It can be used in accordance with ASTM D387, ASTM D332-B, ISO 8780-5, ISO 787/16.

Main Technical Parameters:

  • Motor Power:0.75KW
  • Power Voltage:380V 50Hz(220V can be Customized according to customer need)
  • Glass Plate Revolution:75±5r/min
  • Load:43Kg;64Kg;100Kg
  • Digital Displaying Range: 0 ~ 9,999
  • Overall dimension:580×360×480 mm (length by width by height)
  • Weight:80Kg

Ordering Information:

BGD 650 Muller Laboratory Grinder

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