Coating Thickness Gauge – NF

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Caltech India offers budget priced, pocket sized coating thickness meter in the market with a user friendly display for operation at all locations flat or round or odd shaped.

Easy to use by any operator with single keypad operation and automatic switch off when no reading is being taken. The instrument is highly popular and used by powder coating applicators, fabrication industries. Coatem-NF coating thickness gauges utilize this non-destructive priciple when measuring coatings on non-magnetic substrates such as aluminum, aluminum alloys, bronze, copper, brass tin and rustproof weak magnetic steels. The coatings must be electrically insulating such as; paint, enamel, plastics, anodized coatings, metal spray, powder coating and ceramics etc.

Coatem-NF digital coating thickness meter is available with a constant pressure and detachable flexible probe. The flexible probe is capable of measuring intermittently on hot work and all nearby locations including critical compnents. Shape of components does not matter.

Conforms to BS, ISO, DIN, ASTM and SSPC methods of measurement. Calibration certificates having traceability are available.

Coating thickness gauge is supplied complete ready to use with carrying case, set of precision measured calibration foils, precision zero block and battery fitted

Coatem-NF coating thickness gauge instrument has measuring range upto 1500 microns with resolution of 1 micron, accuracy ±2 %, weight 170 gm. The gauge is compact size, auto shut-off, low battery indications and operated on 9V battery. Coatem-NF coating thickness gauge is supplied in carrying case along with calibration standards and zero block of stainless steel or aluminum. Various other models are also available as per choice.

Ordering Information:

Coating Thickness Gauge
Coatem-NF Coating Thickness Gauge ( Non Ferrous 0-1500 µm)
Coatem NFC Coating Thickness Gauge (Ferrous & Non Ferrous 1500 µm)
Coatem-3 Coating Thickness Gauge (Ferrous 0-3000 µm)
Coatem-6 Coating Thickness Gauge (Ferrous 0-6000µm)
Coatem Coating Thickness Gauge ( Ferrous 0-1500 µm)
CF 1500 Calibration Foils
Fe Base Stainless Steel Zero Block

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