Concrete Moisture Meter


Caltech India offers Concrete Moisture Meter. The 7200 is a compact, easy to use, general purpose, building moisture meter designed to be used by building professionals and tradesmen to check the moisture level of building materials (plaster and concrete) for moisture content diagnosis.

The colour-coded analogue meter indicates high or low levels of WME % moisture content of plaster or concrete over the range of 4 to 20%. A reference scale of 1 to 10 is also included for comparison readings without reference to particular percentage moisture content.

Scale 1 – calibrated from 8 to 20% moisture content
Scale 2 – calibrated from 4 to 14% moisture content
Scale 3 – reference scale calibrated from 1 to 10

For full details of the range of probes available:

  • General purpose building moisture meter
  • Supplied with a probe, carrying case & 50 spare pins

Technical Specifications:

Specification 7200 moisture meter
range scale 1 (plaster) 8 to 20%
range scale 2 (concrete) 4 to 14%
range scale 3 (linear) 1 to 10
accuracy ±3%
battery & battery life 9 volt MN1604 (PP3) – 120 hours
sensor type resistance probe (12.7 mm spacing)
dimensions 36 x 80 x 147mm
weight 190 grams

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