Thermocouple Thermometer


BGD 948 is a professional contact-type precise thermometer with white blacklight LCD, it has two channels K-type thermocouple to measure temperature. It’s widely used in many fields needed to measure temperature.


  • Use K-type thermocouple to test temperature,resoluation can arrive 0.1℃
  • With temperature compensation, ensure accuracy when measuring temperature.
  • Reading value can be converted ℃/℉
  • Auto. Power-off
  • Hold max. value and hold test results.
  • Can change thermocouple

Main Technical Parameters:

  • Temperature Range:-50~1300℃
  • Accuracy:±1℃~±1.5℃
  • Resolution: 0.1℃
  • Error:±0.5%±1℃
  • Power Suppy:9V battery(work for 48 hours)
  • Size/Weight:165 ×76×43 mm/403g
  • Accessories: 9V battery, Holster withstand, Type K temperature probe and gift box with carrying case.

Ordering Information:

BGD 948 Professional Thermocouple Thermometer
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