ISO Surface Roughness Comparator – Shot

Synonym : Grit / Shot Blasting Comparator


Caltech India offers ISO Surface Roughness Comparator – Shot. We also offer, grit blasting and shot blasting comparator.

A precision Nickel comparator plate which conforms to International Standard ISO 8503 for grit and shotblast surface roughness comparison measurement. Popular comparators for grit blasting comparison or shot blasting comparison

When steel has been blast cleaned, the surface consists of random irregularities with peaks and valleys that are not easily characterized. Experts have recommended that the profile should be identified as dimpled (shot blast) or angular (grit blast) and that they should be graded as Fine, Medium or Coarse with each grade being defined by limits specified in ISO 8503, these characteristics are considered to give sufficient distinguishing features for most painting requirements.

Easy to use, place the surface roughness comparator against an area of the test surface, compare in turn the four sectors of the four sectors of the comparator against the test surface using the X7 magnifier, placed so that the test surface is viewed. There are two comparators shotblasting, and gritblasting, these are specially designed to check the roughness of steel surfaces which have been blast cleaned to cleanliness grades SA 2.5 and SA 3 before painting. Both surface roughness comparators conform to ISO 8503

Simultaneously with a segment of the comparator, the nearest profile to the comparator determines the grade of grit blasting comparator or shot blasting comparator. The different grades are defined as follows. Fine grade profiles equal to segment 1 and up to but excluding segment 2, Medium grade profiles equal to segment 1 and up to but excluding segment 3 and Coarse grade profiles equal to segment 3 and up to but excluding segment 4.

Available both in shot and grit-blasting comparators. Excellent shot blasting comparison and grit blasting comparison available from Caltech Engineering Services India.

Both Shot and Grit blasting comparators are supplied in a Protective Wallet. Roughness comparator can be used as per AS 3894.5, ASTM D 4417-A, ISO 8503-1, and ISO 8503-2 standards.

Ordering Information:

ISO Surface Roughness Comparator
R2006 ISO Surface Roughness Comparator (Grit)
R2007 ISO Surface Roughness Comparator (Shot)
RA001 X7 Illuminated Magnifier

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