Dial Rotary Viscometer


Caltech India offers Dial Rotary Viscometer. It is used in measuring viscosity friction and absolute viscosity of liquid. They have four rotors of NO.1-4 which can be chosen in accordance with the viscosity of the liquid and the rotation speed. It is widely used to determine viscosity of various liquids such as oil, paint, plastic, food, medicine, adhesive, etc. It is widely applied in the field of petroleum chemistry, medicine, food, light industry, textile industry, scientific research, etc.

Main Technical Parameters:

  • Rotors to be used to measure: four rotors of NO.1-4
  • Rotate speed: 6r/min,12r/min,30r/min,60r/min—For BGD 151/1
    0.3,0.6,1.5,3,6,12,30,60r/min—For BGD 151/2
  • Meter-age error: ±5%(Newtonian fluids)
  • Electrical power:220V/50Hz
  • Weight:7.9Kg
  • Dimensions:410×350×440mm(L×W×H)

Ordering Information:

BGD 151/1 Dial Reading Rotary Viscometer(10-100,000mPa.s)
BGD 151/2 Dial Reading Rotary Viscometer(10-2,000,000mPa.s)

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