High-temperature Digital Viscometer


This high temperature digital viscometer come with aheating device(thermosal) which can heat sample to a appointed temperature. It is used to test hotmelt adhesive, asphalt, paraffin and hot polymer.


  • Automatically adjusts the rotating speed, reduces the difficulty of use for the beginners
  • Only needs smallamount of sample
  • Heat insulation forthe sample in order to reduce the heat loss
  • The operating temperatureis controlled that the fluidity is small
  • The rotor plays anrole in stirring when it is rotating
  • Optional BGD Gather Software of recording the whole viscosity curve
  • Easy to operate thetemperature control

Main Technical Parameters:

  • Measurement Range (mPa.s):Optional 5-1 M, 50 -10M or to be customized
  • Rotors :4 rotors : #21,# 27, #28, #29
  • Rotate speed:0.1 – 200 RPM
  • Measurement Accuracy: ±1.0 % (of the full range)
  • Repeatability:0.5 %
  • Thermosal Temperature Range:RT+10℃~250℃
  • Measuring Manner:Manually , Intelligently

Ordering Information:

BGD 155/T High-temperature Digital Viscometer
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