Portable Digital Viscometer


Caltech India offers these portable digital viscometers are developed by Biuged after special requests by customers. It adopts brand new design and can be supplied by both AC and DC power(lithium cell battery can be used continuously for 8 hours). It is easy to operate. Just insert the viscometer into sample then begin to test. It can be used to test samples quickly and conveniently on site, in the laboratory and on the factory production line.

Other Features:

  • Controlled by micro-computer, with an intuitive operator interface.
  • With full range and every grade linearity correction
  • LCD screen, skidproof handle design and alarm when over range
  • Screen shows directly the sample temperature, viscosity, rotary speed, percent torque, No.of spindle and the maximum viscosity which can be tested at current rotary speed and spindle.
  • Special structure design ensure extended lifetime and accuracy.

Main Technical Parameters:

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BGD 160/1
(BGD 161/1)
BGD 160/2
(BGD 161/2)
BGD 160/3
Measurement Range (mPa.s) 25-150,000 50-300,000 200-1,200,000
R.P.M (per min) 60、100、150、200
Rotor Amount 4个:B1、B2、B3、B4
±2.0%(full range)
Repeatability 1.0%

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