High-Low Temperature & Humidity Chamber


These new programmable cabinets with a precise system of temperature and humidity control, which provide various necessary environmental simulative conditions for industrial research and biotechnology tests. Widely applied in sterile tests and stability check-up of pharmaceuticals, textile and food processing as well as tests in material performance, packing and lifetime of industrial products.


  • Control System: Use “”TIME” touch screen programmable controller imported originally from Korea. The control way of temperature and humidity is definite value operation and formula operation, which can program 120 groups’ procedures with 100 sections for every group.
  • Cooling System: High quality R404/R23 as frozen medium. Air-cooled condenser. Multi-stage finlike evaporator. French “Tecumseh” cooling compressor.
  • Cabinet body material: Interior material is polished stainless-steel (SUS 304),outer material is SUS 304 or A3 steel panel with powder coating.
  • Humidification System: Shallow groove humidification method is adopted, which is able to control the humidity quickly and stably. Automatic water feeding is adopted for the humidification water, no need to supplement water manually.
  • Heating System: With 316# stainless steel chip cooling heater , high density super-thinness glass fiber wool as heat insulating material.
  • Air Feeding System: Single cycle with low noise motor, Stainless steel multi-wing centrifugal wind rotor
  • Security System: Independent alarm system for temperature limiting, electric leakage, water shortage, over voltage for compressor ensures experiments run safely and no accident would happen.
  • Others: With anti-fog observation windows and illumination light which is convenient for observing the working room of cabinet. Gland strip of chamber door is made of Silicon rubber which has high and low temperature resistance and a good tightness.

Main Technical Parameters:

  • Temperature Uniformity:±2 ℃
  • Humidity Uniformity:±2%RH
  • Temperature Stability:±0.5℃
  • Humidity Stability:±2 %RH
  • Temperature Increasing Time:≥ 2℃~3℃/min
  • Temperature Decreasing Time:≥ 0.7℃~1℃/min
  • Power:220V/380V; 50HZ

Ordering Information:

Ordering Information Temperature  Range HumidityRange Interior Size
High-Low Temperature &Humidity Cabinet BGD 896/100B -20~130゜C 20~98% 400×500×500mm
BGD 896/100C -40~130゜C 20~98% 400×500×500mm
BGD 896/100D -60~130゜C 20~98% 400×500×500mm
BGD 896/250B -20~130゜C 20~98% 500×600×750mm
BGD 896/250C -40~130゜C 20~98% 500×600×750mm
BGD 896/250D -60~130゜C 20~98% 500×600×750mm
BGD 896/500B -20~130゜C 20~98% 700×800×900mm
Programmable High-Low Temperature &Humidity Cabinet BGD 897/100B -20~130゜C 20~98% 400×500×500mm
BGD 897/100C -40~130゜C 20~98% 400×500×500mm
BGD 897/100D -60~130゜C 20~98% 400×500×500mm
BGD 897/250B -20~130゜C 20~98% 500×600×750mm
BGD 897/250C -40~130゜C 20~98% 500×600×750mm
BGD 897/250D -60~130゜C 20~98% 500×600×750mm
BGD 897/500B -20~130゜C 20~98% 700×800×900mm
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