Bench UV Light Accelerated Weathering Tester

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Caltech India offers BGD 852 Bench UV light Accelerated Weathering Tester. It is an economic and easy-to-use machine which can meet some customers’ requirements. It is equipped with 3 pcs 20W UV lamps as light sources. Operator can set the total illumination time, temperature, spray time etc to simulate the natural environment which would cause the damaged factor to samples.

This Tester can isolate 18 pcs standard panels (Size is 150×70mm). Samples are installed a column form rotating sample rack. During the test, the sample rack rotate uniformly and ensure every sample get the same irradiance energy, increase the comparability and repeatability of testing results. Operator can Control the machine with touch screen menu. With the friendly and convenient windows, the user can check any parameters at any time during the test.

To meet the application requirement of strong and durable of weathering tester, this unit adopts the corrosion-proof stainless steel for construction parts to make simple construction design for the convenience of application and maintenance. So just pay the relative low cost you can find out in a short time the material damage formed under the natural condition for long time, to judge the difference of quality between the tested products and samples.

Main Technical Parameters:

  • Total power:1.75 KW
  • Power voltage:220±22V/50±0.5Hz
  • Setable temperature range of working room:RT+5℃~80℃
  • Timing range of testperiod:1h~99999h
  • Timing range of sprayperiod :1min-99999min
  • Timing range ofspray :1min-99999min
  • Rated life of lamp:1600h
  • Max. Irrandianc (New lamp) :UVA Lamps can arrive 0.7W/m2; UVB Lamps can arrive 0.4W/m2
  • Distance of wall of lamp to the sample:50 mm
  • Speed of sample rotatingframe :3.7rpm
  • Flow of water pump:≤ 7L/min
  • Specification of sample:150mm×70mm
  • Cabinet Size:1000×600×800mm(L×D×H)
  • Net Weight:63kg

Ordering Information:

BGD 852 Bench UV Light Accelerated Weathering Tester
BGD 8100 UVB lamps (20W/313nm)
BGD 8101 UVA lamps (20W/340nm)

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